New Partnership with Jobenomics – Abbot Genetics Inc.

Jobenomics ( ) focuses on mass-producing local startup businesses and sustainable jobs with an emphasis on underserved and under-resourced populations. The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has reached an estimated audience of 30 million people via national media, Jobenomics TV, website, blog, and lectures. The Jobenomics website averages over 30,000 page views per month, with the majority of the viewers spending a half hour or more online.

As a result of this exposure, Jobenomics’ unique economic, community, business, and workforce development activities gained national recognition. Over two dozen communities in the United States, Canada, Africa and South America implemented Jobenomics Chapters. To meet the immediate needs of local citizens, Jobenomics formed partnerships with leading companies and institutions to create a wide variety of highly-scalable startup programs that could quickly mass-produce new locally owned and operated startup businesses.